Proof That Borax Really Works To Kill Ants

proof that borax really work to kill ants results

proof that borax really work to kill ants resultsNobody enjoys having a house full of bugs, regardless of what kinds, and anyone who’s ever had ants in their home knows that where there are a few, there are a lot. They take over quickly, and whether they’re inside your home or invading your outside eating area, you probably don’t want them around anymore.

When it comes to getting rid of ants, there are many products that exist to kill them, but so many of them contain harsh chemicals that people don’t want in their homes. People have gone searching for more natural cures to their ant problems, but as with most natural remedies, people doubt the effectiveness of these remedies. One such remedy is Borax to be used for killing ants. People have been doing it for years, but it is still something that is questioned. Borax is a mineral that is mined from the ground, and it is often used in common household products like soap and toothpaste. So, does it really work to get rid of the tiny invading pests?

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How to Get Rid of Ants Effectively

how to get rid of antsThere are countless ways to get rid of ants. Ideally, you want to kill them. Killing ants is a sure fire way to really get rid of them. The question is, what is the most effective way to kill ants? You could squish them. That usually kills them. The problem with squishing them is that you only kill the ones that you see. There are a few things that you need to know and understand if you really want to know how to get rid of ants effectively.

Here at – we have a really sweet solution that works amazingly well! And by sweet – we mean that literally! The best part about our method for getting rid of ants – it’s 100% natural and you probably already have the ingredients in your home. That’s right. You can make your own homemade ‘borax ant killer’ today! We are confident that you will find that this is the very best and most effective method for how to get rid of ants naturally.

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Homemade Ant Killer Using Borax

homemade ant killer

Making your own homemade ant killer using borax is a super easy solution for how to get rid of ants both effectively and cheaply. I have done this several times and it works! I’ve even made several of my homemade ant traps at a time and given them away to family and friends to use for ant control at their own homes. I figure, why not? I’m making a big batch of it anyway. I might as well fill a few more baby food containers with the mixture to help out others.

I’m so passionate about using this method for getting rid of ants that I created this entire website just to show others how to do it! It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get rid of your ant problem. In extreme cases you may have to hire an exterminator. Store bought ant poisons are effective too. But making your own homemade ant killer is just as effective and SO much cheaper.

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Natural Ant Killer

commercial ant trapPesticides, insecticides, and other killers of all things creepy and crawly are often made of ingredients which could be harmful to the health of your home, family, and pets. So when you first suspect that ants have come into your home as uninvited guests, consider what you might be able to use as a natural ant killer rather than heading down to the the commercial ant trap or ant killer aisle.

Commercially available ant traps and killers often contain harsh chemicals and ingredients which might be harmful to your family or pets. This could happen simply from the use of a spray while children or pets are in the room, or if using a spray in the kitchen there could be a problem if any food or eating surface becomes contaminated. Harm could also come when the ant spray is not in use but is being stored in a place which children might have access to. If the spray is accidentally ingested or comes into contact with skin, it could cause dangerous problems to the health of your child. Avoiding this danger altogether will give you peace of mind about the safety of your children and home.

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Best Ant Killer – Store Bought vs Homemade

Best Ant KillerThose pesky little buggers which invade your kitchen or other areas of the house are a nuisance. Going to the store to buy an ant killer or trap is one way to get rid of them. But it is also simple and easy to make the best ant killer in your own home, which is effective, inexpensive, and safe for the whole family–as well as your cherished pets.

When deciding which options you have for the best ant killer, considerations need to be made based on a number of factors: safety, effectiveness, cost, and ease of use. Comparing all of these factors will help you to decide which is the best ant killer for the needs of your home and family.

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Borax Ant Killer – A Definitive Guide

It’s just an average day at home as you bend down in the kitchen to pick up the spoon you dropped, only to find that it has landed in a corner–and it isn’t alone. It is accompanied by a few tiny little friends. Ants! And you know where there are a few, there are likely … Read moreBorax Ant Killer – A Definitive Guide