Borax can be harmful or even deadly if consumed by humans, pets, insects or other living creatures. This is kind of the point of this site, to show you how to use it to kill insects (specifically ants). While showing you how borax can be used effectively to kill ants, we here at boraxantkiller.com cannot be held responsible for any deaths, illnesses, diseases or any other side effects that are caused by borax consumption as a result of advice on this site.

Always read product labels for warnings and directions before use and only use products for their intended purposes.

If you do take the advice from this site and mix your own borax ant killer, make sure you place the traps where pets, children, elderly or otherwise stupid people won’t get to them and eat it.

Always use common sense when working with poison.

In other words, the owner, authors, advertisers or anybody else associated with boraxantkiller.com cannot be held responsible for any mishaps (as listed above) that result from advice given on this site.

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