how much does an exterminator cost

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

how much does an exterminator costThere are several factors that can and will determine the overall cost for an exterminator. Because there are many factors, it is virtually impossible to do an internet search and find an accurate price quote. Since the overall focus of this website is how to get rid of ants, I will use ants as an example. Say I go to Google and type in, how much does an exterminator cost for ants? Most results won’t even show any hard numbers and I would caution not to believe or trust any sites that do.

So, how much does an exterminator cost then?

How can I easily figure that out?

You really have two options. You can do the leg work yourself or you can have somebody else do it for you. The hard way versus the easy way. Personally, I prefer the easy way. Let me explain…

exterminator in my areaFirst – there is the hard way. Find your old-fashioned yellow pages phone book that somebody left by your front door and look up exterminators in your area (or use an internet yellow pages). Start calling several of them and ask for price quotes. Most of them will ask you common questions about your infested area. Is it a home or a business? What type of pest infestation is it (ants, mice, cockroaches, termites, etc.)? How many square feet is the building? Is it a recurring problem? Things like that. Some might be pushy and try to sell you on their service while others might be quite friendly and helpful and might even offer suggestions for you to control the problem yourself.

Next – there is the easy way. Use an internet pricing tool for pest control. Instead of manually calling several companies yourself and answering the same questions over and over again – simply fill out an online form just once then sit back and wait for companies to contact you with their quotes! It’s really that simple and it only takes about a minute to fill out the form. Go ahead and try it right now! Just answer a few questions in the form below…

The exterminator pricing tool (above) that we recommend is run by a company called BuyerZone. They are an accredited business and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We know that they are trusted and that your information is safe.

Free Tips

When comparing exterminator prices – be sure to ask each service provider for a comprehensive list of features included with each package. Compare the features of each with the other providers and weight that against the cost to figure out the best and most effective deal for you.

Ask the service providers about their prior experience with your particular infestation or pest control problem. Get a few references if possible and follow-up to verify the quality of their service.

Again – use the exterminator pricing tool by simply answering a few questions in the form above. It takes less than a minute to fill out and service professionals from your area will provide you with accurate and up-to-date pricing quotes.

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