Natural Ant Killer

commercial ant trapPesticides, insecticides, and other killers of all things creepy and crawly are often made of ingredients which could be harmful to the health of your home, family, and pets. So when you first suspect that ants have come into your home as uninvited guests, consider what you might be able to use as a natural ant killer rather than heading down to the the commercial ant trap or ant killer aisle.

Commercially available ant traps and killers often contain harsh chemicals and ingredients which might be harmful to your family or pets. This could happen simply from the use of a spray while children or pets are in the room, or if using a spray in the kitchen there could be a problem if any food or eating surface becomes contaminated. Harm could also come when the ant spray is not in use but is being stored in a place which children might have access to. If the spray is accidentally ingested or comes into contact with skin, it could cause dangerous problems to the health of your child. Avoiding this danger altogether will give you peace of mind about the safety of your children and home.

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